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Jane McKeating Research Group - publication synopses and PDFs


This page has links to descriptions of primary research papers written by us since 2007, together with key images which we feel help explain their contents.

Although not "lay summaries", these synopses require less background knowledge of HCV biology than the papers themselves. We hope they're useful. If you want us to explain anything that's unclear (or just to comment on the data), please send us an email.

If you prefer, we now have the list below (up to the end of 2013) as an e-book, which you can download in either MobiKindle or EPubEPub (iPad, Android etc.) format (we don't actually have a Kindle, so we haven't checked that file).

Each page below also has a direct PDF download link for every paper which we're allowed to give away (subject to restrictions set by the publisher), you'll find a link on every page. For all our other papers we're happy to supply PDFs by email on request. You'll also find a lot of them HERE.

We also have a page of review articles you can access by clicking HERE.

Click here for a (much longer) list of every paper on which we've been co-authors, our current h-index and other statistics.

Paper Summaries:

Neutralization card

Image © Jessica Hagy, 2008, reproduced with permission