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Colin Howard


I am an Honorary Professor of UoB, having retired in 2010 as a Vice-Principal of the Royal Veterinary College, London and CEO of the London BioScience Innovation Centre Ltd. I have worked extensively in China and I am a Visiting Professor of Fudan University, Shanghai where I give lectures on emerging diseases.

I am a virologist, graduating from Birmingham in 1971. My scientific interests focus on persistent virus infections, how they arise, and how they can be treated, with particular emphasis on viral hepatitis. Colleagues and I have studied the antigenic composition of the hepatitis B viral proteins, related these to the human immunological response, and used this knowledge to design novel immunogens that may overcome some of the deficiencies of presently used vaccines. In parallel, we have studied how the virus undergoes change in an endemic population in The Gambia, West Africa, as a result of progressive introduction of vaccination for children.

During my time at the Research Institute of Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, USA, I pursued studies exploring the mechanisms of virus neutralisation by antibodies in the laboratory of Dr Michael Buchmeier, particularly in relation to arenavirus pathogenesis.

I have been an adviser to the World Health Organisation, the House of Commons, and am currently a member of the UK Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens.

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Contact Details

Professor Colin R. Howard, DSc, FRCPath

Institute of Biomedical Research,
School of Immunity and Infection,
College of Medical and Dental Sciences,
University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT UK
Tel: (44)121 414 4366
Fax: (44)121 414 3599
E-mail: Colin Howard