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Chris Mee


Chris Chris was a post-doc in the group from 2006-2010, he now has a HEFC funded lectureship at the University of Coventry
His main area of interest are understanding the role of cell polarization in HCV entry. The target cells for HCV are hepatocytes within the liver, these cells are known to be highly polarized and exhibit a unique physiology which has an important effect on the availability of viral receptors for HCV interaction.
The techniques which he utilizes in studying both epithelial and hepatic polarity include, TER, dextran flux assays, CMFDA assays and direct BC marker staining. He also did way too much tissue culture, confocal microscopy and very little FACS.
He also has an interest in the effects of hypoxia and liver damage on cell polarity and viral entry as well as investigating compounds which may modulate polarity and Tight Junction integrity, with subsequent effects on viral entry.

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Synopses of Chris's work

Hepatitis C virus infection reduces hepatocellular polarity in a vascular endothelial growth factor dependent manner. Mee et al, Gastroenterology, 2010

Polarization restricts hepatitis C virus entry into HepG2 hepatoma cells Mee et al, J. Virology 2009

Effect of cell polarization on hepatitis C virus entry Mee et al, J. Virology 2008

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