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Garrick Wilson



I joined the HCV lab in 2008 as a PhD student, my research was based on the mechanisms by which HCV potentiate liver injury. Using an in vitro polarized cell model I recently identified the importance of hypoxia inducible factor -1α (HIF-1α) in the HCV lifecycle. Consequently, the precise roles of HIF-1α target genes including transforming growth factor beta (TGFβ) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) were elucidated. My research has identified signalling pathways modulated by HCV to promote hepatocarcinogenesis and virus transmission in the liver parenchyma. Importantly, I was able to demonstrate these pathways in primary human hepatocytes and liver tissue specimens.
I’m currently a research fellow working in the group, my primary research involves studying liver injury caused by viral and non-viral factors in the transplant setting that may exacerbate HCV infection of the new allograft.

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Personal Statement
I like to think that I have a life outside Science, I give back where I can by mentoring inner city young people to stay off the streets, stay in school and grow up to realise their full potential. I’m passionate about seeing people strive to become the best they can be. This is achieved through mentorship programmes organized by voluntary organizations. I also love been back home in Jamaica, where the sun shines, the scenery is great and the beaches are nice. I love a good game of cricket or a round of golf whilst jerking some chicken or roasting some fish with the sound of waves in the background...jumping on a boat and going out to fish in the temperate sea is also a must...that is the “ire” life. Ire means smooth in Jamaican Patois.

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Garrick Wilson

HCV Research Group
Institute of Biomedical Research,
School of Immunity and Infection,
College of Medical and Dental Sciences,
University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT UK
Tel: (44) 121 415 8673
Fax: (44) 121 414 3599
E-mail: Garrick Wilson

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