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Nazia Akhtar


Nazia I have recently graduated from the BMedsci degree programme here and am currently a first year PhD student. My PhD is focused on the structure and function of claudin-1.
Claudins are expressed in a number of organs including the ear, kidneys and the liver. They are important tight junction proteins which have four transmembrane domains, two extracellular loops and two cytoplasmic domains. There are at least twenty-four claudins identified in humans and they have been categorised into two groups, the classic and non-classic claudins. Claudin-1 belongs to the classic group and what makes claudin-1 special to study is that it is also a co-receptor for HCV entry and is an important factor for HCV internalization.
Understanding the structure and function of claudin-1 and its interactions with other proteins important for HCV entry can give us useful insights into the development of inhibitors to block the interactions of claudin-1 with other proteins like CD81 and ultimately prevent HCV entry.

At the moment I am experimenting with cooking and researching different recipes ranging from Asian dishes to Italian pasta - and some baking. Below are some of the interesting websites I have found.

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